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Visibility Records, Fields and CRUD

InvestGlass offers a complet CRUD system. CRUD means Create, Read, Update, Delete. The CRUD is also extended to the Search function.

Before starting a CRUD CRM you have to make sure that your organisation is adapted to this mindset of showing record or fields based on individual, team, group permissions.


Organisation Wide default

By default the system is very permissive, very open and you can see any record from your Company. If you wish to reduce the scope of visibility the first step is to check the Organisation Wide Default which can be found in My Account >> Company >> Owd Organisation Wide Default.
There your can restrict the access of visibility and edition of records based on general company setting.

For exemple, you wish that record created can also be seen by people who created those records.

The next step is to look into visibility Tags which can be set to your members and records.

Visibility tag function might be restricted to Master Admin or Admin. Please contact your company administrator before changing these visbility tags.

Visibility tags

The first step it’s to create tags. Go to my account >> Company >> Tags. Then create a Tag Category. We suggest you to use the name « Visibility Tag » as a category name to remember that these tags will aim to restrict visibility. Then create a Tag. You can use whatever name of tag. Usually, company will use their sales reps geography.

For exemple, Sweden for the Sales Rep accessing records in Sweden.

The visibility tag will work with an AND condition logic so make sure that you build your taxonomy correctly.

Once the visibility tags are created it’s time to set them on record and members.

Set visibility tags on members via Roles or for each member individually

_Via Roles _

Your company’s members will always be assigned with a role. Role into InvestGlass aims to restrict access to buttons and pages but you can also use it with visibility restrictions. You can create new roles via

>>My Account >>Company>> Roles.

4 types of roles are setup plus one which is your company Master Admin. The Master admin role is setup by InvestGlass team and it’s a unique role for security reasons.

Setup visibility tag per role. Go to

>> My Account >> Company >>> Select on the three points option >> Édit visibility tag and setup the tag, then click save.

The visibility tags are working with an AND logical condition. This means that a members with tags : SPAIN and another tag : CLIENT will have only access to records tags with those two tags. If a contact is tagged as SPAIN / CLIENT / MASS AFFLUENT it will not be visible and if the contact is tagged as SPAIN it will not be visible either !

__Via Member__

The roles is usually the first level we will recommend you to start with as it will tag in the same time all members with the same role. However, if you wish a more granular visibility you can set the visibility tag for each members individually.

Go to my Account >> Company >> Members >> Édit Visibility tag

__Travel request

If you are using the travel request module, the visibility scope will be reduced even more.

**Single access to a record

To reduce the scope to a single record, you can setup a one record access. Go to your members’ page and edit a member profile. There you will find the single record permission.


Fields are information such as a first name, passport number, mandate type… all custom fields visibility can be set by roles.

>>Go to my Account >> Company >> Custom Field >> Edit the field and set the write and read visibility.

Updated on: 30/07/2022