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Custom Fields

To create or change custom fields: Administrator

Open the setup page:

Go to My Account
Go to Company
Go to Custom Field

You can set up fields for the following objects:

Contracts, and
Securities / Products.

Before you start creating fields we suggest you decide which format of field you need to use.

When creating or editing a new field, you have to set up:

The type of Fields
The Field layout
The accessibility

Set up the type of Fields

Field Name / API - Set the name that will be used for this field. This reference will be used also for InvestGlass API calls.
Field Label - Set the visible name of the field. This field can be different from the field name API.
Value Set - Use value sets to share values across objects and custom picklist fields.
Input Type - Set the type of field expected ( text, date, dropdown, radio button, etc...)
Default Value - Enter the value that will be input each time a new record is created.
Help Information - Will show a round icon with explanations. This helps to understand which information is expected.

Customize the layout

Page LayoutShow in CRM Tab - Set the field layout.
Show in CRM Category - Set the field layout.
Show in CRM as Mandatory - Will show a warning flag if the field is empty.
Show at New Record - Will show the field when creating the corresponding object.

Field Level Security & Accessibility

Purely informative:
Field Level Security - Field Security Classification.
Field Usage - Specify field usage.
Compliance Categorization - Specify the field categorization such as PII CID GDPR ...

Role and access

Depending on each role within your company, you can set different Read Access and Edit Access. You can change these access for each specific role or for all roles at once (Change All Access).

The Access options represent:

All, can read or modify all objects' information
Group, can read or modify information from your team's objects/records
None, can not read or modify any information
Own, can read or modify the information of its own objects/records (record owner).

Value Sets

Value sets can be created from My Account – Company – Custom Fields and enable limiting the answers to a set of choice for a given field.
You can decide to create a set of values from scratch or use a lookup field in order to search the values into a given field or tag category.

Export in CSV

Finally, you can export the custom fields in a CSV format to check roles and permissions by clicking on Actions and selecting Export CSV.

Updated on: 11/07/2022