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Import contacts

Go to My Account
Go to Company
In Contact, click on Actions and click on Bulk Import
Add a blank column Client ID as the first column

Step 4 is important as if you leave it blank it will create a new contact when you import the file. If you use an already existing Client ID, InvestGlass will update the information and erase existing information with new fields.

You can import three types of files.

Investglass CSV format
Outlook CSV format
vCard format

InvestGlass Templates

InvestGlass team can help you with preset themes for wealth and asset management, general business, and shopping CRM. Please contact us for more information about those templates.

If you decide to use InvestGlass without templates, InvestGlass will be empty. To facilitate the creation of fields, we suggest you import your field and select the following options :

* Create custom fields for unrecognized columns*

InvestGlass will use each header to create a new custom field. The field will be by default text fields. If you wish to change them to dropdown, checkbox, date, or text area, go to My Account, Company, Custom Fields.

Import contact with Zapier

To connect InvestGlass to Zapier - please contact us to get a private invitation to Zapier API - InvestGlass bridge. Then this is how you connect InvestGlass with +1500 applications.

Updated on: 12/07/2022