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Logo, Icon, Color and Branding

To change the branding of your company you might need to be an Master Administrator or Administrator of your company. If this is not the case we suggest you to contact your company’s administrator.

Go to >> My Account >> Company >> Settings

In the display tab you will have all options to change your branding.

Logos / Favicon

The favicon: the small icon next to your web tab's name,
The main logo: logo used to replace the InvestGlass logo on the top left of your CRM. (It is also used for the watermark – see watermark section below.)
The background image: an image that will replace the blank background on your CRM and app page.
The spinning logo: logo when a page/object is loading.
The email logo: logo used at the top of emails.

You will find displayed also the suggested size of images. We suggest you to respect the image proportion to make sure that the size is optimal.

If you don’t respect the image ratio - your PDF first cover page will jump.

You can also select a Main logo alternative text in case your logo does not load for a given reason.


Similar to logos, under the design section, you can modify the colors of the company's software.
You can set up the color of the titles, the backgrounds of table headers, the backgrounds of table subheaders, and the backgrounds of the table highlighted row (Investment proposals' PDFs). The color can be selected or just written using the corresponding 6-letters/digits color code.

If you are looking to change other visual aspect of the design and colours please contact InvestGlass team.

Updated on: 30/07/2022