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Import Transactions and Positions

From Company

Go to My Account
Go to Company
Go to Global Consolidation
Click on Action to import transactions

From a portfolio - manually

Go to a Portfolio, click on Actions then New Transactions
Click on Transaction and select the transaction type
Select a Security and Click on Select
Type in transaction details and add Fee and Tax if needed
Click Save

You can also import a list of transactions.

Select a portfolio and click on ACTIONS Select Edit
Import Transactions from the Settings. You can download a sample file here too.
Then click on Save

From the Edit / Performance page, you can download a sample file and import performance history with the time-weighted return performance concept. TWR.
Then click on Save.

From the API - experts

Please check our API here and contact our team InvestGlass.

From Bank / Custodian feed

InvestGlass team can map your data from several banks and custodians. To perform this task, you, as a regulated body, have to ask your bank or custodian to grant access to a third party IT company. This process can include some additional paperwork and can take time. We suggest you contact us before you start this process to make sure that you will find back into InvestGlass portfolio management the fields you are looking to aggregate.

Updated on: 12/07/2022