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When adding a page, a title is needed. Once the page is created, follow "edit page".

You have five potential questions that can be added to your page/form:

Add question
Add link
Add description
Add hidden field, and
Add child

Add Question

Once you create a new question, you can do the following:

Enter the question
Name the column of the question
Choose related KYC field/tag category
Choose the HTML input type (the answer type)
Select, if applicable, a parent question and answer
Set a default answer to the main question
Set if the question is mandatory, and
Set is the answer's options show on the PDF

If you choose the Signature Pad or the Childs Signature Pad as an HTML input, a supplementary functionality appears: The Latex Signature.
When the input signature is needed, this triggers the demand for a digital signature. Yet, if the client does not wish to sign digitally, the Latex Signature is an option that allows him/her to sign via his/her name (if the field is left blank) or via a predefined text set by yourself.

::(Info) (Dropdown)
In order to display options as dropdown or tick boxes, you have to choose a value set for the field in custom fields.

Parent questions

Parent questions are useful as the questions depend on the previous question, meaning the question is only shown if the parent question has a specific answer. E.g., You want to show the question "Are you satisfied with the service?" only if the user answers "yes" to "Are you a client?".

In order to manage the parent relations, create a question as usual. However, the question has to be a close question displaying a dropdown or tix boxes. Then, create the second question and select the previous question under Parent Question. Don't forget to specify the answer to the parent question under Parent Question Answer.

When you add a link, you have to write or paste the link. You also have the opportunity to add a description to the link.

Add Description

When you want to add a description to a page, the following fields appear:

Description, you have to fill with a text
Column name
Max height
Latex description

Add Hidden Field

You have the option to add a hidden field with a column name and a default value

Add Child

Choose the child company fields to add. In order to change or add those, go back to the previous page (edit form) and modify show child fields. There you can add any field required; e.g. address, first name, last name, and so forth.

Add a digital signature

In order to add a signature or a child signature, click on Add Question. There you can, e.g., name the question "Please sign here" and select the HTML input type Signature Pad. This will create a digital signature pad in your form.

In order to add child signatures, follow the same steps, yet select Child Signature Type as the HTML input type. This will trigger signatures from all the childs relations, automatically taking into consideration the child fields of the contact/object.

Updated on: 12/07/2022