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Form details

When a form is in the creation process, numerous fields appear once the first details are completed:

Submitted message, you have the opportunity to add a customized message once the form is completed,
The URL the form can be embedded,
A title to the document created (PDF),
A version number (PDF),
An internal ID (PDF),
The option to display the score/result of the form/survey,
The option to freeze on submission, which is an important feature, allowing you to review the form while freezing your client's portal, and
Show child fields (not available if object contact is selected)

Finally, you have the opportunity to create pages, which are the key feature of creating a form.

Where can the form be embedded?

This form feature demands that you mention there the URL in which you want to embed the form. This means that if you wish to embed the form within your website, you have to paste your website URL as the answer to this question. For more details to embed forms into websites, click here.


To create a page on your form, click on Add Page. Once you click, you will have to give a title to your page, which is not mandatory. Then, you can simply edit the page by selecting Edit Page.

In the edit page section, you are able to add five types of different fields to the form:

a question,
a link,
a description,
a hidden field, and
a child.

For more details, click here.


Under the tab "Permissions", you are able to share the form as a widget on the company or client portal. Simply toggle the group of members to which you want to share the form.

To share on the client portal, simply toggle the share to client portal toggle. You can specify the clients' to which you want to share the form by tags or via missing KYC fields.

Updated on: 12/07/2022