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Forms for wealth management

Account opening is simplified with InvestGlass tools. We offer two options :

Forms can be pre-filled by relationship managers and completed by clients via a web link or into the EBanking portal. Forms can be hosted on your website too.

PDF can be load from the Global Vault and can also be shared via a web link or into the EBanking portal. Prospect can download those PDFs and print them on paper.

You will find here a suggestion of documents usually used by bankers, wealth-asset managers, or brokers. Please contact us if you need help to build those forms or customize the template.


⬜Investment Management Agreement - General Terms & Conditions

⬜Investment Management Agreement - Account Opening

⬜Fee Schedule

⬜Client Questionnaire & Declaration

⬜Accredited Investor Opt-in Confirmation (MIFID, FIDLEG LSFIN)

⬜OECD Common Reporting Standard (For individual)

⬜W-8BEN/W-8BEN-E or W9 and OR FATCA

For all documents below compliance officer is able to perform the following actions: Pending Approval, Accepted, Rejected, Changes Requested. The above list is not exhaustive. Your Company may request additional supporting documents if required.


⬜Certified Passport / ID Card

⬜Certified Proof of address (e.g. Utility bills, Tax bills dated within 3 months)

⬜Supporting documents for Accredited Investor Status (E.g. Latest tax returns, bank statements dated within 3 months)

⬜Supporting documents for the source of wealth and source of funds

Updated on: 12/07/2022