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Optimal quality PDF

Latex is a software system for document preparation. Latex is used to improve the quality of the output of your PDF. If you wish to improve the quality of your PDF output we strongly suggest your to use Latex which will remove the pixels you might find in the PNG compression of your PDF.

Code suggestion

If you wish to use the Latex for break line or other type of input style you can do so like this

\hfill \break\\
\hfill \break\\
\hfill \break\\

\makebox[2in]{\hrulefill} & \makebox[2in]{\hrulefill}\\
Date & Signature(s)\\
\newline Company stamp if applicable

\hfill \break\\
\hfill \break\\
It is a criminal offence to deliberately provide false information on this form (Article 251 of the Swiss Criminal Code, document forgery).

Vertical Space

\vspace{5mm}Certified true copy of current proof of identity (passports or current valid driving licences or national identity cards.)\vspace{5mm}
The photograph of the person on such document should be clear. The document must reflect the name (including any former names, marital names and any aliases), date and place of birth, nationality, photo and signature of the client as well as the passport’s date of issue and expiry and the name of the issuing authority with signature.


Conservative & You have a very low tolerance for risk and are unable to tolerate any investment losses or you have a very short investment time horizon. You prefer knowing that your capital is safe and are willing to accept lower returns to protect your capital. \\

Moderately Conservative & You have a low tolerance for risk and potential loss of capital or a short investment time horizon. You are willing to accept some short term fluctuations and small losses in your investment portfolio in exchange for modest returns. \\
Balanced & You have a moderate tolerance for risk and loss of capital. You are willing to tolerate some fluctuations in your investment returns and moderate losses of capital. You have at least a medium-term investment time horizon. \\

Moderately Aggressive & \\
Aggresive & Your tolerance for risk, portfolio volatility and investment losses is very high. You are willing to tolerate potentially significant and sustained price fluctuations and large losses of capital. You have extensive investment knowledge. You have no income requirements from your investments and have a long investment time horizon.

Pre compile with Overleaf

We strongly invite you to use cloud solution like to test your code before you test it into InvestGlass. Overleaf is a cloud based editor which compiles Latex.

More Latex Librairies: InvestGlass embarks several libraries of Latex. If you need a specific library please contact us for more options.

Updated on: 12/07/2022