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Embed forms in a website/domain

Once a form is created, pages incorporated, and details specified, you have the possibility to link this form to your website so it showcases the relative questions and prints the relevant answers directly into your CRM. This function is particularly useful for creating new contacts and contact reports of any kind.

InvestGlass: an example of embedded form can be found on our website:


In order to embed a form into a website or page, go to My Account – Company – Forms. Then click on the 3 dots next to the form you want to publish and select Public Share.

A box will open like the following:

You should then select, as on the image, Share to Generic New Contact and click on the Share button.
Once these preliminary steps are made, a new line in the box will appear:

Click on the iFrame button to copy the link and incorporate it into the website of your choice.

1st Warning: As in the first screenshot, an info reminds you to publish the form before it can be accessible; meaning the toggle publish must be "on" (green) for the relevant form on the forms page

2nd Warning: As in the first screenshot, a warning may appear saying you did not mention the relevant embedding source. In order to do that, edit the form (forms – 3 dots of the relevant form – edit form). In edit the form, paste the link where the form has to be embedded under "Where can this be embedded?". In our example, it would be

You may now implement the form in the website page of your choice and automatically save the answers in the InvestGlass portal.

Updated on: 12/07/2022