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New Form

Once you selected a new form (My Account – Company – Forms – New Form), click on On-boarding. This functionality allows you to create a form, from which you have to set the following details:

Title of the form.
Form type (between account, contact, and relation), this option allows you to define the subject of the form.
Send notifications to, allows you to choose which employee or employees receive notifications of the form.
Height of the form (1000 per default)
Select an image as a featured image (image showing on the widget)
A background color or image, and
Rename the text buttons: next, previous, export PDF, and submit.

Widget and form settings

Additionally to the aforementioned functionalities, you can also modify functionalities related to widgets, portal sharing, and form settings.

For the widget, you have the option to hide the image or to hide the title. Further, you can choose to disable such forms for certain clients or tradings desks.

Members visibility: Be aware that in order to be able to display the form in a widget on the member app page, you need to create groups or teams. In order to create groups, follow My Account – Company – Members – Actions

For the groups' permission – portal sharing, you have the option to show the form in the portal. If the option is selected, you have the option to show it only to certain tagged contacts or only if a mandatory field is missing.

For the form settings, the following options are possible:

Export PDF – Show all
Export PDF – Show only mandatory
Save Submitted answers PDF into CRM Documents
Include Signature layout
Credas registration, which adds a layer of security (see the market place for more details)
Existing clients only
Generate contact report
Client Portal Creation Access

Finally, you can choose where to redirect your client after completing the form: their Client Portal,, or the URL of your choice.

Redirect to Document Page: If you want to be redirected to the document page from which you filled out the form, select Custom Url and leave the URL blank. You need to select one of the two export to PDF options.

Include Signature Layout

The button Include Signature Layout per definition includes the number of signature layouts that you wish to have on the pdf version of the form.

Credas registration

Credas registration allows you to paste the API key from your Credas account and verify the identity of your clients or prospects

Client Portal Creation Access: This functionality is important when you want the form to appear in the client portal

Updated on: 12/07/2022