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Logic and hidden questions

Jump Question

Logic Jump (available in core plan) lets you create an InvestGlass form that responds to contact’s answers. Respondents never have to skip irrelevant questions — because, with InvestGlass logic jump, they will never even see them.

Logic jump is also a great way of segmenting your audience and making the experience as easy as possible for them.

We suggest doing the following:

Create your pages
Create your questions
Select for logic jump questions. For this select for HTML Input Type: radio button or check box. This logic works with set questions.
When you EDIT an Answer, you will find the Then jump to question. Select from the dropdown the jump question.

Click on Save until you closed the form.

Activate the form: Make sure you activate the form before you use it. From the form main page, you will find the activate button.

Hide Question

You can combine or hide answer choices in a chart for closed-ended question types with a single answer choice allowed. Here we are hiding a question to insert a new email if the email did not change.

Create the first question with a Yes and a No answer. Hide question works with any closed-ended question types.
Create the second question and select a Parent Question and Parent Answer. As you see below.
Click Save.

Updated on: 12/07/2022