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Campaings Edit & Fields

Edit a campaign

In order to edit a campaign you should:
Click on my Account and then select Company
From the tabs on the left side select campaign monitoring
Then click on the campaign you want to edit

Campaign Fields

When you have selected to edit your campaign, then you will be able to see 3 tabs on the left side which you can edit from Actions tab on the right side.


1. Summary

In this section you will be able to edit again the initial *Fields* you have selected for this campaign.


*Add Security / Product* Where you can connect a security to this specific campaign
*Tags* Where you can add tags in order to be able to filter the campaigns later on
*Pipeline* Where you can connect a specific pipeline to this campaign Tags, Pipeline, Custom Fields and Audit Process
*Stage* Where you can specify a speicific stage of your pipeline
Proposals Where you can link a proposal to your specific campaign
Active In order to specify whether you want this campaign to be active or not

2. Members

In this section you will see a list of your members, where you can select which contact you want to connect with this specific campaign. In order to connect, simply tick the contact you want and then press add Import Contacts

3. Reporting

In this section you can see a summary of your campaign.

Here you are able to see the following:

1) Number of campaigns
2) Total sum of quantity Number of individual securities
3) Total sum of amount The value of securities
4) Transaction/Holdings Number of holdings
5) ROI Return on Investment = Profit/Investment = the efficiency of your investments

Additionaly, under member participation tab you also have filterning capabilities in order to filter by contacts, relations and accounts.

Furthermore, on the right side of each campaign you can click the 3 dots tab, where you can edit the campaign or you can instantly create a new contact report.

Updated on: 11/07/2022