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In the contacts, accounts, and relations overview navigation tab, you have the possibility to modify the layout of the contact display of the grid view.

You can also save some displays as templates in order to avoid recreating them manually every time you want a column or columns to be showcased. In order to add, modify, and manage templates, follow Actions – Add Template on the overview tab. This will open a new window in which you will be able to:

Update a Template, or
Manage a Template.

Update a template

In Update Template, you will be able to choose between previously created templates which one you want to use. This means that the columns in your contact overview will match the ones of the selected template, e.g. default template.

Manage a Template

In the manage Template, you can

1)Create a new *Grid Template*.****

2)Change, add or remove template columns by selecting the pen next to each individual template.

Admin possibilities

Additionally to the the aformentioned possibilities, the administrator or master of the portal will be able to:

set the default template for all users
manage templates

Under Update Template, the administrator is able to set a company default template for all users.
Under Manage Template, the adminstrator is able to remove templates that are no longer needed as well as have a view of all your existing templates.

Updated on: 11/07/2022