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Portal customization is a large topic - we suggest you do it step by step :

Customizing Look and Feel
Customizing Widgets
Customizing Transactions tools

Customize Look and Feel

Go to my Account
Go to Company
Go to Settings

You can upload the following images

Background Image
Spinning Logo
Email Logo

And set up the following website footers and email footers

Company Global Email Disclaimer
Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

Customizing Widgets

Go to my account
Go to company
Go to Apps and Portal

You will find three types of widgets: InvestGlass default widgets, your company widgets, and widgets shared with your company.

Widgets can be duplicated, deleted, and, of course, created. To create a new widget click on action and select the widget type.

RSS Widget - perfect to share a news feed
Link Widget - gather fix links or direct document links
Iframe Widget - share an external web app into InvestGlass