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Get started with Client Portal

The client portal is launched by the InvestGlass team. Please contact us at contact if you wish to activate your portal.

Setup access

You will receive a URI - or short address where your clients will access your portal. For example:*yourcompanyname*

It is possible to change this address to make it look more corporate with a reverse proxy method. The address will look like this :*youcompanyname*

Grant access to a contact

Go to My Account
Go to Company
Go to Settings and fill in the logo, disclaimer, and footer. This information will be used to brand your invitation email.
Go back to Company
Go to Contact
Create a New Contact or click edit settings of an existing contact
Insert an email (you can grant access by username only, if wanted)
Tick Client Portal Access (Blue)

Click on Save

Your contact will receive an invitation via email. The first email will notify your contact that access has been granted, then 20 minutes later a second email will share your branded investor portal link and a random password.

Mass accounts creation

If you wish to create access for more than 100 contacts we suggest you contact the InvestGlass team. We will run some automated scripts to facilitate account creation and randomized password generation.

⚠️Please be aware of GDRP DPA.
⚠️Please be aware that this kind of email invitation can be seen as a solicitation and could be subject to your local financial regulatory framework.

Login and upload document options

My account company, settings you can change your client login page.
If you are using a third party help desk or hot line phone numer. It is the perfect place to change the look and feel of the login page.

It is also possible to "optin" for documents upload. If toggle on, your client will be able to upload documents directly into their own folder. Record owner will receive a notification that a new file is uploaded.

Updated on: 11/07/2022