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Invoice is manageable from My Account – Company – Invoices. There you can create and edit invoices.

Create a new invoice

In order to create a new invoice, click on Actions and select New Invoice. This will open a new page with the following fields:

Invoice number
Invoice type
Invoice status
Due date
Expected payment date
Planned payment date
Currency code
URL link
Tax inclusive

When you fill at least the mandatory fields, you can save the invoice.

Edit an invoice

In order to edit the aforementioned fields, click on the three dots next to the invoice in question and select edit.

Add your Billing information

Under My Account – Company – Settings, you can access your billing information in order to automatically generate them on invoice PDFs. Go to the Billing address tab and fill in the information for:

Business registration number,
Postal address,
Payment instructions, and
Stress address.

The invoice PDF will automatically take into consideration said information, enabling you to send the invoice directly to your client.

Generate a PDF

In order to generate a PDF, select the relevant invoice on the invoice page (My Account – Company – Invoices). You can select an invoice by clicking on the invoice number.
A new window will open enabling you to create a PDF (Actions – Export to PDF).

Updated on: 11/07/2022