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View and Edit Assigned Apps

This article focuses on explaining how to customize your App page or home page.

Choose the Apps

In order to modify the Apps tab, please follow this path: My Account – Company – Portal / Apps. There, you will have mere possibilities to personalize your apps tab.

Choose from the wide range of already proposed InvestGlass App. The per default selected ones are:
Hottest News Flow
Top/Flop, and
What's hot
Choose from the choices of Company App. None are available per default and have to be created by the company using the top right button "Actions". Three methods are available to create a widget (how to create a widget is developed in the following subsection):
New RSS Widget
New Links Widget
New iframe Widget
Share Apps with the InvestGlass App of your company

Create a Widget

In order to create a widget, you can select the New iframe Widget from the Actions button on the top right. This will open a new page allowing you to create your personal widget.
A new modal will open allowing you to describe and detail the widget. The mandatory and important components to be aware of are the following:

Title, you have to give a title to your widget.
iFrame URL, you can paste here the URL you want to embed into the portal. Examples can be calendy, partners, etc.
Height, the corresponding height of the widget on the app page.
Button name, the display button one can click to access the iFrame.

When these mandatory options are filled, you can save your widget and make it visible at any time under My Account – Company – Portal / Apps and Company App.

Widgets: Approval Requests, Tasks, Notifications, Travel Requests.

These five InvestGlass widget are must have widgets which are important to ease the implementation of you workflows and processes.
To activate any widget, click on edit (three dots button on the right of the relevant widget).

Approval requests

The approval requests widget enables an overview of all the current approval processes and your answers to these processes. Details are available by clicking on the relevant process directly from the widget.


The task widget showcase a task pipeline with five "stages":

Assigned to me
My Overdue
Assigned Team
Pending Team
Overdue Team

These stages show the number of tasks relative to each of them.

Task Permission: The toggle "Show member's group task only" enables limiting the tasks shown to members to the ones of their group's members. You would not see tasks of an different group's member.


The notifications widget enables an overview of the current notifications. Simply click on the relevant notification to be redirected to the object or task.

Travel requests

The travel requests enable you to create requests according to planned business trips and detail the expecetd relevant information. It also allows your supervisor to grant or not the request. For further information, click here.

Updated on: 30/07/2022