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Connect Sumsub to InvestGLass

The purpose of Sumsub is to offer name verification and ID verification. InvestGlass is connected to the Sumbsub API in a very friendly way as you can decide which fields will be mapped from your digital forms and then to Sumbsumb for verification and store them back into InvestGlass.

Get an InvestGlass account
Get a Sumbsub accout
Go to Sumsub Dev Space

Add a new connection

You don't need to white list IP. After click on save, a second page will show you the crendentials and the secret token. Please copy then carefully.

Copy those credentials and paste them into InvestGlass. Go to InvestGlass, my Account, Company and Communication ( Soon in Settings / API)

Click on Active toggle button them click on Save.

Select the fields you want to push to Sumbsub via FORM and where you wish the answer to be stored. If you don't have the right custom fields yet, you can create them. Custom Fields

InvestGlass team will take care of the update of this API. If you are missing some end point with Sumsumb, please contact our team.

Each time you SUBMIT a form answer then the data will be pushed to Sumbsub.

Updated on: 09/01/2023