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Signatys - Digital Signature

Signatys is an eSignature feature added to the InvestGlass portal. Launch eSignature requests directly from your portal.


You can use Signatys manually directly from a document or automate the process via InvestGlass's automation. Bear in mind that in order for the process to be launched, two conditions need to be fulfilled:

the contact must have a registered email
the contact must have a registered phone number (mobile phone)

Manual eSignature request

In order to manually launch the e-signature of a document, find the relevant document in the relevant contact, account, or relation, or select it in CRM Documents (My Account – Company – CRM Documents). Once your document is found, click on the three dots at its right and select Request eSignature (Signatys). For further details on how to upload a document, please click here{target="_blank"}.

For a document in a contact, the contact asked to sign is the given one.
For a document in an account, the contact(s) asked to sign have to be selected from the ones connected to the account.
For a document in a relation, the contact(s) asked to sign have to be selected from the ones connected to the relation.
For a document in CRM Documents, the contact(s) asked to sign have to be selected from the ones connected to the document, or, if no contacts are linked, can be selected from the database of contacts.

Once the process is launched, an email will be sent to the contacts to request an eSignature. Once your contacts signed the document, a signed pdf version of the original document can be found at the same place as the original document (e.g. if the original document was in a relation, the signed version will be found in the same relation).

Automate eSignature request

Alternatively, you can also automate eSignature requests on form submission. This feature will automatically send an eSignature request per email to the relevant contact(s) on specific form submission.

Automation creation

In order to create automation, please follow My Account – Company – Automation. There, you can click on New Rule to create an automation rule.

At stage 1, select Contact, Account, or Forms as the API Name.
At stage 2, select "On a record action" and "Form Submit", and choose for which form is the automation rule going to apply.
At stage 4, select "External API".
At stage 5, select Request eSignature (Signatys).

Activate the rule: Once the rule is saved, remember to activate the rule by clicking on the relevant toggle under My Account – Company – Automation.

Forms requirements

At the second stage of the automation rule, you have to select the forms on which the rule is applicable. In order for the eSignature to work, these are the following requirements and advice:

In order to enable eSignature possibilities, toggle yes "Save Submitted answers PDF into CRM Documents" in the relevant form edit, without this the eSignature will no work.
We advise you to write the following questions in your form. These questions are important as, without such information, the eSignature process will not work. For further security, select both questions as mandatory.
Email address (with relevant KYC field Email*)
Phone number (with relevant KYC field Phone Mobile*)

You are now ready to go an automate eSignature requests on form submission.

Updated on: 30/07/2022