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BasisID - AML KYC Checks

What is Basis ID ?

BASIS ID is a company of a ZignSec group. Our KYC and AML solution verifies over 3,000 government-issued documents from more than 190 countries. That's millions of verified identities a year and a lot of people working behind the scenes to help make the lives of millions, and one day billions, of people safer online.

How to use Basis ID with InvestGlass?

Create a BasisID account
Connect to InvestGlass as a Master Admin
Copy BasisID credentials from API access
Paste BasisID into InvestGlass My Account Company - Settings
Create BasisID fields into InvestGlass CRM via My Account Company - Custom fields
We suggest you to create the following fields :

Basis ID Check Message
Basis ID Check Status
Basis ID Profile Address
Basis ID Profile Address 2
Basis ID Profile Birthday
Basis ID Profile City
Basis ID Profile Country Name
Basis ID Profile Country Residence Name
Basis ID Profile Email
Basis ID Profile First Name
Basis ID Profile Gender
Basis ID Profile Last Name
Basis ID Profile Phone
Basis ID Profile Phone 2
Basis ID Profile Zipcode
Basis ID User Hash

We suggest you add "BasisId" as a Show in CRM Tab and as a CRM Category.

Add BasisID into a Form as an HTML Input Type and link Related CRM field to Basis ID profile first name
Test and check data from Basis ID returns into InvestGlass CRM

Updated on: 01/04/2023