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Single Security

The single security feature enables investment proposals from a security. You can choose to which contact and to which portfolio the investment proposal applies.

Custom Security: To use the Single Security is only applicable on custom securities. To learn how to create custom securities please click here

Investment Proposal

When on a custom security page, click on Actions (top right button) and select New Proposal. This will open a new modal enabling to select:

- The contact or account to which the proposal is linked
- The portfolio on which the proposal is made, and
- The proposal name and description.

Additionally, toggles enable the following options:

- Notify contact (or first contact of the account) per email with the proposal,
- Create a task,
- Send a notification to the owner of the account/contact, and
- Save the proposal as a PDF in the CRM documents (documents connected to the contact or account).

Then you can preview the pdf or apply the proposal.

List of Proposals

The list of past and existing proposals can be found under two tabs.

It can be found under the relevant custom security under the tab Proposals, or
It can be found under the Portfolio Proposals tab in the navigation menu.

Navigation menu: To add the tab to the navigation menu, please click here.

Updated on: 08/07/2022