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Quarterly Report

The quarterly report is a financial statement published every quarter.

How to generate the Quarterly Report PDF?

You can generate the Quarterly Report PDF in two different ways:

Click on Portfolios and select the portfolio of your choice
Click on Actions
Click on Quarterly PDF
In "Other comments" add the comment you want
In "Select Available Quarter", select the Available Quarterly report of your choice.
A general comment appears. It contains all the information and calculus about Appropriateness, Suitability...
Click on Submit
Your Quarterly Report PDF has been generated


Click on My Account and then Company
Click on Publisher
In Portfolio, click on "Quarterly Data"
Add a description
Click on Launch
Your Quarterly Report PDF has been generated. You can find it in Documents.

Where is the generated PDF?

Click on Portfolio
Click on Documents
Your Quarterly Report PDF will appear

Updated on: 11/07/2022