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Both regulations are comparing different data sources that you will store in InvestGlass. To make sure that your process is working fine you should first access the data collection to produce the following warning:

- Suitability
- Appropriateness
- Concentration
- Stress test
- Product Risk Classification (PRC)
- Universe list compatibility

You will find here the minimum data required to activate those tools.

Contact data
Account data
Portfolio data
Position data
Strategy data and stress test
Universe list data
Security data
Concentration data


1. Contact data

Your InvestGlass CRM will help you to collect data and those fields should be preset and if you don't already have them we suggest you to create the following custom fields to set up the appropriateness inside InvestGlass.

Bank - Alternative Investments / Real Estate Funds
Bank - Bonds - Distressed
Bank - Bonds - Hybrid (Convertible, Coco, CDS)
Bank - Commodities & Metals (precious and base)
Bank - Digital Assets - Cryptocurrencies (Payment Token)
Bank - Digital Assets - Other (Utility, Security & Hybrid Token)
Bank - Fiduciary Call / Time Deposits
Bank - FX Accumulator & Decumulator
Bank - FX Dual Currency Notes, Swap & Forward
Bank - FX Spot
Bank - High Yield & Emerg. Market Local Currency
Bank - Investment Funds - Equity
Bank - Investment Funds - Mixed Allocation
Bank - Investment Funds Bond
Bank - Investment Grade
Bank - Money Market Funds
Bank - Options - Listed shares, Index, Basket & Warrants
Bank - Options Currency & Precious Metals
Bank - Private Market Funds
Bank - Private Markets - Fund of Hedge Funds
Bank - Private Markets Direct Investments
Bank - Private Markets -Single Manager Hedge Funds
Bank - Real Estate Direct Investments
Bank - Shares Equities (Preferred & Registered)
Bank - Structured Products - Capital Protected
Bank - Structured Products Capital at Risk

Value set or toggle:

It is important to keep the field with the same name as they will be compared security asset class.

2. Account data

An account can collect multiple contacts. Portfolios can be linked to an account or to a contact. By default, portfolios are linked to an account. This means that when you are producing advice, you can select the advised contact. Selecting an advised contact will change the appropriateness of your advice. 

How to change the advised contact? 
To change the advised contact click on the portfolio, click on the actions button, then added the portfolio, then select the advice Contact and click save.

Which custom fields and value sets should be used?

Custom field name: FinSAClassification
Value set :
Opt-out Professional
Per-se Professional

Should you use another value please contact us.

3. Portfolio data

The portfolio will cross information between the account type and the portfolio type. Below you will find Investglass defaults logic concerning suitability and appropriateness. Please respect the name of the fields.

Custom field name : PortfolioBusinessType
Value set :
Portfolio Management
Advisory Ad-Hoc
Execution only

Custom field name : UniverseList
Values are the name of your universe list you created in InvestGlass.

Custom field name : PortfolioStrategy
Values are the name of your PortfolioStrategy you created in InvestGlass.

Custom field name : QualifiedInvestor

Should you use another value please contact us.

4. Position data

Custom field name : Product Risk Classification
Value set :

Custom field name : Rating
Value set :

Value set :
Bond funds
Digital Assets - Cryptocurrencies
Emerging Market Local Currency Bonds and High Yields
Equity Funds
Fiduciary and Money Market Deposits
Fund of Hedge Funds
FX Accumulator Decumulator
FX Spot
Investment grade bonds
Mixed Investment Funds
Not Mifid Relevant (14) (15)
Options Currency and Precious Metals
Options Listed shares Index Basket Warrant
Real Estate Funds
Single Manager Hedge Funds
Structured Products Capital at risk

5. Strategy data and stress test

Go to my Account / Company / Strategy and create a strategy or stress test. Both strategy and stress test are using the same prompt screen but will vary in the input. Please create each separately. 

For the stress test you should follow the text as précised in this example.

Please make sure that you are respecting the following format
Name with two _ underscores

Then in description

#begin Start date
#end En date
#duration months in decimal

All weights will be visible in asset classes. You can look at the example below. Stress test will apply to all portfolios.

6. Universe list

Go to my account, company, then universe list. There you can create a new list of securities into a list. If securities are not on the list, a flag will appear next to the security.

7. Security data

8. Concentration

Go to my account, company, then Settings, then Financials. There you can set the concentration of your security based on sub-asset classes needed for FINSA and MiFID classification.

Updated on: 01/04/2023