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In order to launch the rebalancing of a portfolio, go to the relevant portfolio and click on Actions. There, select New Proposal. This will open a new page enabling you to tailor investment proposals.


When rebalancing a portfolio, you have the possibility, in addition to removing existing positions, to add securities or products:

- Via simple security add-on,
- Via Universe lists, and
- Via Model portfolios.

Simple Security

Under Add Security / Product, you can add specific securities and products from your list. Simply type the security you want to add and select it to add it to the list. The securities are taken from the item list (My Account – Company – Securities / Products).
You can also add new securities from the new proposal page: type the security you are searching for and, if it does not exist, select Create new security / product. This will open a new window enabling you to create a security.


The button suggest enables a list of featured security. There you can include "red star" securities which your company pushes as investment. When selecting a security, you will be asked in which currency do you want to buy the security:

- Security currency
- Reference currency
- Cash account of your choice

This will impact the cash balance as well as the cash accounts, if applicable.

Featured: In order to name a security as featured, edit the security under my Account – Company – Securities and toggle the Featured toggle.

Universe list

Selecting a universe list via the Search only in Universe List button allows finding securities that are only in the investment universe.
Once a universe list is selected, simply search for the securities using the Add Security / Product button.

Universe lists are manageable under my Account – Company – Universe Lists.

Portfolio models

Under Model Portfolios, you are able to select which model you want to apply to your investment proposal. Once applied (Apply button), a model automatically generates securities and the corresponding allocations depending on the initial balance of the portfolio.

In order to modify and create model portfolios, follow My Account – Company – Model Portfolios.

Allocations and requirements

Once the securities are added, you can modify the allocation by selecting the quantity, the price, or the percentage allocation. Just remove the allocation or record a 0 for securities you want to exclude from the proposal (or select Remove – three dots button on the right of the security).

You can add comments on any security by clicking on the three dots button next to it and selecting Comments. You can decide to submit your proposal or save it as draft for further review.

Requirement: You need to have a cash balance of less than 0.5% of the portfolio value at the end of the proposal in order to be allowed to submit it. This value is modifiable under My Account – Company – Settings – Financial and Cash balance tolerance.

Communicate the proposal

Once your investment proposal is ready for submission, you can select a name to easily find you proposal. Besides, you have the following options:

- Notify Contact, which sends an email to the contact owning the portfolio which the proposal.
- Create Task, which enables task creation, e.g. for further follow-up.
- Send Notification, which sends a notification to the owner of the contact.
- Save PDF in CRM Documents, which saves the proposal as PDF under the contact's documents.

Once you are pleased with the proposal, simply click on Save, and select Save & Finish.

Review and edit

Once the proposal is sent, you can access it on the Portfolio Proposals tab in the navigation menu or in the Portfolio Proposals tab on the relevant portfolio. There, you can review and edit the proposal. You can also accept or reject it depending on your client's answer. Finally, you can export the proposal as a PDF.

Updated on: 08/07/2022