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Portfolio Proposal

The new proposal suggests a new allocation of securities and assets in the current portfolio.

Select a portfolio
Click on Actions
Click on New Proposal

In new proposal, you have access to a proposed portfolio and a graph showing the comparison between your current portfolio’s allocation and the allocation suggested by the proposed portfolio.

InvestGlass will help you compare actual and proposed suitability and appropriateness situations.

How to add a security to your proposal ?

Click on Actions
Click Add Securities

There you can select a suggested security. If you wish to enforce the selection of securities, we suggest you to toggle on edit security the option Favourite. This will push the securities - flavour of the month - in priority.

How to remove a security to your proposal ?

Spot the security you wish to remove
Set the quantity or amount to 0

Healthcheck and protection override

Only proposal with full suitability and appropriateness can be published into a PDF format. If you wish to publish a PDF which is not respecting those compliance criteria, then you have to do the following:

Write an override comment per security not respecting appropiratness
Flush cash balance in the preferred currency
In Action, click on Healthcheck comment and write a global comment

Below the tab "Allocations", in "Portfolio", you can find the details about all the assets added in the new Proposal. For each security, you may have some warnings in the healthcheck. If you don't know what Healthcheck and its components - Appropriateness, Universe List, Concentration, Protection Override - refers to, please, click on the link below:

This green tool tip will appear if the security is in-line with Appropriateness. Otherwise a red tool tip will appear.

The yellow triangle is related to Universe List.

The exclamation mark is related to Concentration.

The shield is related to Protection Override.

If you click on one of those signs, it will give you an explanation of the problem you have with Healthcheck. Then you can modifiy your position, click on Actions and Refresh Healthcheck to confirm your modification.

Compliance issues will automatically be stored into a contact report.

When all conditions are met, the SAVE button turn to SAVE in blue. You can then produce a PDF branded to your company logo and colors.

Updated on: 30/07/2022