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Average Fixed Income Rating

The Average Fixed Income Rating represents the creditworthiness of a company.

The Average Fixed Income Rating evaluates the average rating of all the fixed income positions you have in a portfolio. The average fixed income rating appears in the overview of the portfolio.

For each security, there is an attributed grade, which goes from D to AAA, as seen below:

'NR' => '8'
'D' => '2',
'C' => '3',
'CC' => '4',
'CCC-' => '5',
'CCC' => '6',
'CCC+' => '7',
'B-' => '8',
'B' => '9',
'B+' => '10',
'BB-' => '11',
'BB' => '12',
'BB+' => '13',
'BBB-' => '14',
'BBB' => '15',
'BBB+' => '16',
'A-' => '17',
'A' => '18',
'A+' => '19',
'AA-' => '20',
'AA' => '21',
'AA+' => '22',
'AAA' => '23'

This rating system is from FitchRatings. If you use another rating system, here is a comparaison table:

How is the Average Fixed Income Rating calculated?

For each rating, there is an associated number, which is used in the calculus of the average.

The Average Fixed Income Rating calculus is as in the example below:

You have 40% of 'AA' securities, 30% of 'B' securities and 30% of 'CCC-'.
The Average Fixed Income Rating is:
40%*21 + 30%*9 + 30%*5 = 12.6
The rounding is upward as it is above 12.5. So the result is rounded to 13.
13 is the number associated with the note BB+.

In this example, the Average Fixed Income Rating is BB+.

Average Fixed Income Rating in Overview

How to add ratings on your securities manually?

Click on My Account, then on Company
Click on Custom Fields
Click on Actions, then on New Securities / Products Category
Write Rating in Filed Name / API

Select the security for which you want to put a rating
Click on the three dots and then on Edit Security / Product
Click on Other
Input the rating
Click on Save

How to add ratings automatically?

Please check our API and contact our team InvestGlass.

How to see the specific rating of a security?

Click on the security
Click on Details
Click on Other

Updated on: 11/07/2022