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Universe List

You can find your universe lists under My Account – Company – Universe List. These lists are securities lists that you create. They can be used as compliance lists, e.g. UK market-compliant, or for whatever use you may want, e.g. risk-lovers list or good opportunities list.

Create and Edit Universe Lists

In order to create a new list, you have two options:
You can click on Actions and select New List. This will open a new page in which you can give your list a name and a description. Afterward, you are able to import a list from a spreadsheet or manually enter the securities you wish to add to the list.
You can click on Actions and select Bulk Import. This will open a new page that enables the import of universe lists as well as provide a sample example.

In order to edit a universe list, simply click on the three dots on the right of the list and select Edit or Remove. You also have the opportunity to export the list.

Using a Universe List

You can use your universe lists when you create a model portfolio under My Account – Company – Model Portfolios. There you can click on Actions and select New Model Portfolio. One of the fields will allow you to choose one of your previously created universe lists and only enable adding to the portfolio securities from said list. This function is also enabled when editing a portfolio.

If a security is not accepted for distribution you will spot it with InvestGlass flags.

Updated on: 30/07/2022