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The Healthcheck consists of 4 criteria:

- Suitability
- Appropriateness
- Universe List
- Concentration


It is the consistency of the portfolio with the strategy.

In the overview of the portfolio, you can check the suitability.
- If the tooltip is green, it means that your portfolio is in line with your strategy.

- If the tooltip is red, it means that your portfolio is not in line with your strategy.

How to create a strategy?

Click on My Account and then Company
Click on Strategies
Click on Actions then on New Strategy
Create your New investment Strategy


Appropriateness helps you to see if a contact has the required knowledge to use a security.

- If the tooltip is green, it means that it is fine.

- If the tooltip is red, it means that, for all or some securities, you don't have the required knowledge to use them. If it is the case, you can signal it to the Risk Manager by chat or mail and your request will be processed as soon as possible.

How to link contact with appropriateness?

Click on My Account and then Company
On the left side, click on Custom Field
Click on Action and then New Contact Custom Field - for example "Bank - Commodities & Metals (precious and base)"
Write the name of the field in the Filed Name / API
Select "Toggle" in the Input Type
Write 'Appropriateness' of the field in Show in CRM Tab
Click on Save

Here is the list of all the fields you have to put in Show in CRM Tab:

Bank - Commodities & Metals (precious and base)
Bank - Investment Funds – Bond
Bank - Digital Assets - Cryptocurrencies (Payment Token)
Bank - Bonds - Distressed"
Bank - High Yield & Emerg Market Local Currency
Bank - Shares Equities (Preferred & Registered)
Bank - Investment Funds - Equity
Fiduciary and Money "Bank - Fiduciary Call / Time Deposits
Bank - Private Markets - Fund of Hedge Funds
Bank - FX Accumulator & Decumulator
Bank - FX Dual Currency Notes Swap Forward
Bank - FX Spot
Bank - Bonds - Hybrid Convertible Coco CDS
Bank - Investment Grade Bonds
Bank - Investment Funds - Mixed Allocation
Bank - Money Market Funds
Bank - Options Currency & Precious Metals
Bank - Options Listed shares Index Basket Warrants
Bank - Digital Assets - Utility Security Hybrid Token
Bank - Private Markets Direct Investments
Bank - Private Market Funds
Bank - Real Estate Direct Investments
Bank - Alternative Investments / Real Estate Funds
Bank - Private Markets -Single Manager Hedge Funds
Bank - Structured Products Capital at Risk
Bank - Structured Products - Capital Protected

This list is used to determine whether the contact has the required knowledge to deal with all these different types of securities. Once you created all the custom fields, you can find them in 'Appropriateness' in the contact details of all your contacts:

Click on Contact and select a Contact
Click on Actions
Click on Edit Details
Move the Toggle depending on whether the contact has the required knowledge or not

What happens when you change the advise contact of your portfolio?

Click on Portfolio
Click on Actions then Edit
Change the Advise Contact
Appropriateness will change automatically

Universe List

The universe list is a list of non-covered securities - that is to say that the ISIN of the security is not valid.

If you have a security in the universe list, a red flag will appear in the Healthcheck column.

How to create a Universe List

Click on My Account, Company
Click on Universe List
Click on Actions
Click on New List to create a New Universe List

Or Bulk Import to import an existing universe list


Concentration is the maximum quantity of a single line in your portfolio. It is expressed as a percentage.

How to create your concentration

Click on My Account, then on Company
Click on Settings
Click on Financial
Find the Portfolio Single Line Maximum Concentration and create your concentration.

If the quantity of a single line is above the Maximum Concentration, an exclamation mark will appear in the Healthcheck.

Updated on: 11/07/2022