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Launch the publisher routine

The publisher allows you to generate your Quarterly Report PDF.
You can either generate the entire portfolio or generate only specific data from the portfolio.

How to generate the Quarterly Report PDF?

Click on My Account and then Company
Click on Publisher
If you want to generate the entire Quarterly Report, with all the data:
- Click on Portfolio Select fields and choose Quarterly Data
- Select which Quarter from which year you want to generate your Report
- Click on Search
- Click on Launch

If you want to generate a Quarterly Report only with specific data:
- Click on Contact and select the specific date you want to launch
- Click on Account and select the specific data you want to launch
- Click on Search
- Click on Launch

Each relationship manager will receive a notification which will be visible from the notification alert in the navbar, inside the portfolio document page and inside the Publisher main page.

Published documents

All documents published automatically can be seen in the Publisher page. To activate it in the navigation menu, go to
>> My Account >> Company >> Apps and Portal
Go to Navigation Menu and then add the Publisher to relevant group authorised to use this page.

Updated on: 30/07/2022