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Chart Widget

Approval Reporting and Chart Widget

Empower your data visualization and decision-making process with our Approval Reporting and Chart Widget creation feature.

Navigate to Reporting and Select the 'Approval Reporting' tab

On the right side of the 'Approval Reporting' tab, you will find a list of columns that can be included in your report. This list includes options such as 'Pending', 'Accepted', and 'Rejected' approval processes.
Click on the columns you wish to include in your report. As you select these columns, they will automatically appear in a pivot table on the screen.

Create the Chart

After your desired columns are displayed in the pivot table, select the specific data you want to visualize in a chart.
Right-click on the selected data. A context menu will appear with various options.
From this menu, choose the option to create a chart.
Once you choose to create a chart, a new window will pop up, allowing you to select the type of chart you wish to display (e.g., bar chart, line chart, pie chart).

Customize and Save

After customizing your chart, click on the 'Save and Share Report' button. This action will save your chart and may provide options to share it with others or export it as needed.

Create a Chart Widget

After saving your report, go to the Apps/Portal section of the application.
In the Apps/Portal, select the option to create a new Chart Widget.
First, give your widget a name. This name should be descriptive and relevant to the content of the chart.
Choose the report you previously saved that you want to display in the widget.
Decide where you want your widget to appear on the apps page. Select the column in which the widget should be displayed.
Specify which members or groups within your organization can see the Chart Widget.
Save the Chart Widget

View the Chart Widget

It will now be displayed in the selected location on the apps page, visible to the members you have specified.

Updated on: 10/01/2024