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CRM Documents

The CRM documents page encompasses all documents in your CRM. From there, it enables you to filter the fields in order to find solely the relevant files.

You can also add and modify folders to simplify document search and save similar documents in the relevant folder.

Add documents

Using the Actions button, you can add new documents simply by uploading them (Upload Document). This function will open a modal allowing you to:

Select to which contacts you want to link the document (for numerous contacts just click on the Add* button),
Select a folder in which you want to upload the document,
Create a package,
Link portfolios and securities,
Set up a description and an expiration date,
Send notification to a member,
Add tags on the document, and
Show the document on the client portal.

Document features

Once a document is added, you can pursue the following options:

Submit for approval,
Request eSignature, and


The share option opens up a new modal, in which you can manually select contacts, relations, accounts, and contracts with which you want to share the document. In order to share the document with a multitude of objects at once, you can select the relevant tag you want the document to be shared with. This will automatically fill the objects with which the document is shared when you click on Add.

Submit for approval

When submitting a document for approval, a new modal will open. This will enable the choice of the approval rule or chain you wish to use for the process.

Additionally, you can select bulk pdf approval which will launch an approval for a few pdfs at the same time. An additional option is to allow only packaged documents to be added to the bulk approval.

Finally, comments can be added and the approval process launched. For more details on the approval process, please click here.

Request eSignature

When requesting an eSignature, a new modal will open. There, you will be able to add the contacts to which you want to send the esigning request.

Contacts: In order to be able to select a contact, this contact must be linked to the corresponding document beforehand.

To launch the signing process, simply click on the Request eSignature button.

Updated on: 11/07/2022