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Create and Edit Folders

A folder is a bucket where you can store reports, commercial solicitations, email templates, and documents. Folders can be public, hidden, and shared with on the client portal. You can make a folder available to your entire company or make it private so that only the owner has access. Folders can be created from the company setup page, from the contact, account, and relation page.


The principle to create a folder is similar in contacts, accounts, and relations. From one of these three pages, select a specific contact, account, or relation.
Once one is selected, you can click on Actions and select Add Folder. This will create a new folder. You can decide upon the location of the folder, e.g. within another folder or stand alone on the page. You can also choose the name of the folder and decide whether it is showcased on the client portal.


Once again, the "edit a folder" function is similar in contacts, accounts, and relations. When you want to edit a folder, go to the relevant foler. Click on the three dots button on the right of the foler and select Edit. This will allow you to edit the name of the foler and to add or remove the folder from the client folder.


When you share a document with the contact then the contact can see the document and folders from the "Document" page in the client portal.

Updated on: 30/07/2022