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Most settings of the company are found under My Account – Company – Settings.


Under general, you can modify:

  • the Disclaimer,
  • the Company Global Email Disclaimer (which appears at the bottom of emails),
  • the footer (which appears at the bottom of the InvestGlass webpages),
  • the Terms of Service (which have to be accepted by every user before entering the platform), and
  • the Privacy Policy.


Under the design section, you can define a specific color for the app, specific logos, the pdf settings, and the Client portal login.


You can set up the color of the titles, the backgrounds of table headers, the backgrounds of table subheaders, and the backgrounds of the table highlighted row (Investment proposals). The color can be selected or just written using the corresponding color code.

Logos / Images

In the image section, you can select:

  • The favicon: the small icon next to your web tab's name,
  • The main logo: logo used to replace the InvestGlass logo on the top left of your CRM. (It is also used for the watermark – see watermark section below.)
  • The background image: an image that will replace the blank background on your CRM and app page.
  • The spinning logo: logo when a page/object is loading.
  • The email logo: logo used at the top of emails.

You can also select a Main logo alternative text in case your logo does not load for a given reason.

**Widget size **
Large Widget toggle can be activated, doubling the size of the widgets.
Widget by default have a small size. If you wish to double them - ideally to see only in two large columns, go to my account company, go to Settings. In visual display select - Double size widget.

PDF Settings and Watermark

In the PDF settings, you can modify the Contacts, Accounts, and Relations label. These labels will override the objects' names "Contacts", "Accounts" and "Relations" by the relevant label on PDFs. The PDFs font can also be selected among the existing fonts. Additionally, the label style can be chosen between light and bold. The Colons (":") can also be excluded or included between the Contact label and the Contact name.


To choose a font, please always contact the InvestGlass team prior to any change as an invalid font will imply empty PDFs.

For the PDF watermark, you can choose to activate it by toggling the "Active" toggle. This enables choosing between the company logo (the company logo needs to be uploaded first) or a text. When choosing a text, you can write your text in the "Text" box. You can then set the text size as well as the transparency.

Client Portal - Login

You can customize the client portal login page.

  1. You can show your company's logo by using the respective toggle.
  2. You can modify the signing in button color by selecting the relevant color or writing the color code.
  3. Add a description and links under the signing-in box.

To customize your client portal login page to hide InvestGlass URL, please contact the InvestGlass team. We will use a reverse proxy to change the URL.


In the financial section, you can select when portfolio snapshots are recorded:

  • The frequency,
  • The recording time,
  • The time zone for the recording time, and
  • The recording day.

You can also activate alerts on transactions by setting a threshold. To set the threshold, just select the corresponding currency using the dropdown and click on add. You are then able to enter a threshold for the given currency.

Finally, you can choose a research budget and the currency of reference as well as the company default currency.

Billing Address

Connected to the Invoices and Invoice PDF generation, the Billing address section enables entering the business registration number, the postal address, and the payment instructions. This information will be used directly on the relevant PDFs.

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