Queues are really useful in setting tasks as they represent groups of users.

Create a queue

In order to create a queue, follow My account – Company – Queues. There, clicking on the top right "Actions" button, you will be able to select New Queue.

A new page will open on which you will be able to set:

the name of the queues
the objects the queue can be applied to
the members of the queue
whether you want to send an email to the members of the queue
personalized the email if the toggle email is on

Use a queue

If a queue was created for the object Tasks, you can use this queue when creating a task (e.g. using the new task button in favorites). At the bottom of the new task page, you have to select to who you are assigning the task. There, you can select members or, if applicable, queues.

Updated on: 11/07/2022