Merge Documents

Do you want to merge some PDF documents? The merge function is made for this packaging process.

Merge documents in contacts

In order to merge documents, go to the contact for which you want to merge documents (E.g. if you want to send all the documents of one client for approval or print the documents in one single document).
To achieve this goal, there are two options:

First, you can click on the three dots next to a document and select Generate Grouped PDF*.
Second, you can click on Actions and select Merge Documents*.

The option to merge documents opens a new page on which several options are available. You can add a title, a footer, and the documents you wish to merge. When adding documents, you can decide to add them without headers and let the title override them (button Add PDF – Overwrite Headers), or you can add the full documents (button Add PDF – Full Document). Finally, you can add forms to the documents to be merged.

:::(Warning) (Adding forms)
You have to be aware that when a form is added to a document merger, the content of the form is frozen and forms are included in a different section of the merged PDF.

Once your documents and forms are selected, you can click on Merge. This will automatically generate a PDF with the title you provided.

Then, you can decide to send this merged document to the approval process, print the document, send it to clients or other members, and so forth.


As an example, you may want to merge the Identity document with the onboarding form and the client agreement. Via the merge option, you can name the document Identification and add a disclaimer as a footer. Subsequently, you can add the Passport overriding the headers, the form, and the client agreement as a full document. This will generate a merged document that you can then save, send, or request approval upon.

Updated on: 01/04/2023