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Freeze / Unfreeze a form

In order to facilitate the approval process, forms and packages can be frozen upon submission of the approval process. This will prevent members from modifying the information in the form while the approval process is on the way.

Freeze option

In order to activate the freeze option, please select the Freeze Documents Before Approval toggle in step 4 of an approval rule edit or creation. This will automatically freeze your form once the approval process is on the way.

In order to launch an approval process for a form, upload the form on an object, e.g. contact. To do so, go on the object in question, select Action and click on Upload File & Forms. This will open a new modal allowing you to upload a file, a form, or a package.

Once you uploaded the form or package, you can select Submit for Approval by clicking on the three dots to the right of the relevant form or package within the documents tab of the relevant object. This will open a new modal in which you can select the corresponding approval rule or chain. Clicking on Start will launch the process.

If the feature was correctly selected in step 4 of the approval rule or chain, the form or package will then be frozen and appear as such (e.g. form called "Test Freeze"):

Unfreeze option

Once the approval process is launched, you may want to unfreeze the form or package as well as possibly freeze it again. In order to unfreeze it (and re-freeze it), the member must have the corresponding access permission.

Under my Account – Company – Role, you can define and modify the access permission per role. To assess if the role can freeze and unfreeze, click on edit (three dots button on the right of the relevant role). On edit select the relevant object in which you want to grant the access and toggle yes for Freeze & Unfreeze.

As a more concrete example, for a form as a contact document:
Go to Contact – Manage Actions in the edit of roles
Toggle yes for Freeze & Unfreeze

This will enable members of this role to unfreeze and freeze forms as contacts documents.

End of Approval processes: Be aware that a form or package is not automatically unfrozen at the end of the approval process.

Updated on: 11/07/2022