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Connect your Email and Calendar

Setup Email

InvestGlass connects and sends from your own email server using SMTP (IMAP SOON). By connecting your email account with InvestGlass, you can send emails within the app and InvestGlass (SOON) auto-log any email that appears in your Sent folder.

Go to My Account > Company > Communications

Please make sure that you correctly pasted your credentials

User Name * is usually your
Password * is your password
From Email *is usually your it could also be a generic
SMTP Server * starts with or different
SMTP Port * here this is given by your email provider


Make sure that you remove from the security system the level.
You can read more.[Here](

There input your email server credentials.

Setup SMS

InvestGlass is working with SMSUP based in Switzerland. If you wish to send SMS from InvestGlass. We kindly invite you to buy a SMS package on their website. Generate an API key then paste it into InvestGlass Communication tool.

Go to My Account > Company > Communications

You will specify from here which number is used to send SMS by default as well as which number is used to send this SMS.

Specific country can ask you to register your phone number.

Updated on: 10/01/2023