Add Contact

One of the major elements of a CRM is the ability to manage relations and thus clients. A simple necessary functionality is the creation of new contacts. Via InvestGlass, you have three simple ways of doing so:

Use the button New Contact* in the favorites
Use the Actions button and select New Contact* in My Account – Company – Contact.
Use the navigation tab Contacts, and select New Contact* in the Actions.

In creating a new contact, you will have to complete the following per default fields:

Contact (name of the contact)
Member (the member in charge of the contact)
Whether the contact needs a client portal
Relations (the relations of the contact, e.g. company)
Accounts (the accounts of the contact)
Sales pipeline (related to a pipeline stage)
Back-office ID (in one of the saved companies)

Once these fields are completed, you can save the new contact. New fields can also be added, see Customize "New Contact" fields.

You can add more detailed information such as address and phone number directly on the contact (select the contact in question, select Actions – Edit details).

Updated on: 01/04/2023