Roles setup
  • 15 Jan 2021
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Roles setup

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InvestGlass runs with different roles that grant access to different functions.

This function is available for administrators and master administrators. To change those roles go to

  1. My Account
  2. Company
  3. Employees

From this tab, you can add new groups and grant your colleague access to InvestGlass. Each employee should into a group to receive the group visibility.

Access-levels by different roles

access roles

The four roles in InvestGlass can help you restrict or grant access when needed. With our new role, Compliance Officer, you can overview changes in contact data and request changes if incomplete. This is an extra attention-mechanism to keep your data accurate.

How to purchase a new employee access?

Please contact sales rep by sending us an email at contact or simply use the chat function.

How to add a new client?

On company page, select the client tab and select the button "new client". You can complete the client KYC, tag this client, and import your client data.

What happens if I want to change the administrator?

You can edit anytime the status of your employee. Select edit and change its status to administrator.

What happens if I want to delete an employee account?

You can delete the employee account. InvestGlass will offer you the possibility to transmit clients' data and information to another employee.

How to attach an employee to a new entity?

Edit your employee and change the employee group. You can not link an employee to another company.

Can I create a user without a paid subscription?

When you wish to add an employee for recording purposes, you can create a user - employee and leave the tick Grant License empty.

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