Remove InvestGlass branding and customise look and feel
  • 04 Mar 2021
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Remove InvestGlass branding and customise look and feel

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  1. Go to My Account
  2. Go to Company
  3. Go to Settings

Customize the portal design

Here you can change the main logos and design:

  • Favicon logo
  • Main logo
  • Email logo
  • Spinning image
  • Background image
  • Change title colors and headers

These title colors and headers also apply automatically to your pdfs.

Employees' Group Logo

You can set for each employee group-specific colors and logo. Upload a logo specific to your employees' group. Employees' group logo will override the master template logo.

  1. Go to Company Page
  2. Go to Employee and Select the group template EDIT
  3. Load your file by clicking on Choose File

Add disclaimer and else

On the same page, you can personalize:

  • Your disclaimer,
  • Your company global email disclaimer,
  • The footer,
  • The terms of service, and
  • The privacy policy.

Customize PDF options

You can also modify PDF characteristics:

  • set your personalized front/police,
  • set the text as bold or light, and
  • hide colons.

Customize Portfolio Snapshot Recording

You can customize the recording and savings of portfolios:

  • frequency,
  • time,
  • time zone, and
  • recording day.

Customize Large Transaction Warning Thresholds and Budget

Finally, you can set limits and a budget.

  • Set warning when a certain threshold is reached in any currency
  • Set the currency and research budget
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