Getting started with CRM
  • Updated on 19 May 2020
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Getting started with CRM

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In this part you will underatand InvestGlass CRM basics.

InvestGlass is an all in one success platform designed to help you engage with the right contact in the right time. Information is always filtered to help you with actionable insights. Everything you need to do is open InvestGlass and start by creating a new contact. Investglass will help you to manage all relationships prospects, customers, employees, and Partners.

What is a CRM?

CRM means for Customer Relationship Management. InvestGlass cloud CRM will help you to gather insights and track important metrics. InvestGlass will also help you to engage with customers via email, phone and other media channels.

When you start with InvestGlass for the first time, you can import your data with a simple spreadsheet.

  1. Go to my account
  2. Go to company
  3. Go to conacts
  4. Go to actions
  5. Click on Import CSV and click on create new fields !

This will automatically create new fields !

From the navigation bar, you will find shortcuts to different objects such as opportunities, relations, contacts and also shortcuts to create new contacts or transactions. Relations will link contacts together to represent groups such as : families, trusts, companies, clubs, classes...

Records and objects

Record is a field containing information about a clients or prospects. The clients, prospects, relations are objects.
InvestGlass experts can create new objects.

In a record you can store a value such as name, phone number, address, investment tolerance and preferences... InvestGlass is completely flexible which means that you can customize your own CRM with your own records. However, if you are in a hurry or you're looking for a indsutry template, contact InvestGlass team and partners to import a pre-packaged CRM. We call them industry template.

Leads, accounts, opportunities, prospects, projects

To simplify this whole process InvestGlass uses *sales pipeline *and tags to categorize contacts in your sales lifecycle. No need to use complex jargon : a simple contact can become a client one day!


Tags are used to categorize contacts and relations based on different "segments". We suggest you to use no more than five tags per tag category. For exemple red wine, white wine to specificy a taste. Tags should be used more freely than records - fields in the CRM.


Sales pipelines can be setup from my account company page. Sales pipelines will help you to filter your prospects and customers. This is the ideal tool to truc your sales performance.

Now you understand the basics of InvestGlass and invite you to create pipeline, tags, and create new contacts!

View in Opportunities

From the navigation menu, you will find Opportunities. Opportunities helps you to visualize contacts and relations at each stage of the pipeline. Thanks to a drag and drop functionality you can add new records - fields. A click and edit function will make data editing easy. Opportunities coupled with tags and pipeline help you to visualize your deals at each stage.

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