Database Calendar Habits
  • 07 Aug 2020
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Database Calendar Habits

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As a master admin you can access to key functions such as the logs and employees, rules and profiles, we suggest you review those access on a regular basis. For a company of more than 50 people, we suggest you review access every quarter at least.

We suggest you the following habits:

  • Weekly, chat with users to understand how they use the product
  • Monthly, exchange with group of users, sales, accounting, marketing...
  • Quarterly, check or roles and permissions, and documentation
  • Annually, penetration test of InvestGlass if required. Assessment to your regulator is

Data management is extremely important. We suggest you the following habits:

  • Weekly, export data and review potential duplicates. Check that people are authorized
    to create, read, update, delete data properly.
  • Monthly, purge the junk and the deletes of data and refresh your sandbox. Sandbox
    are used usually when organization need to load some large data set and wish to
    make sure that the data is flawless in production.
  • Quarterly, identify areas for improvements in automation and data storage
  • Annually create and update custom objects and fields.

Here are the security habits we suggest you:

  • Weekly, check the login history and review who is logging and from where.
  • Monthly, organize IT, security and compliance meeting to ensure that you are aligned
    with company processes.
  • Quarterly, run a complete health check and benchmark with current industry best
  • Annually, check the roles and review the field level security.
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