Create Custom Fields
  • 11 Jan 2021
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Create Custom Fields

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To create or change custom fields: Administrator

Open the setup page.

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Go to Company
  3. Go to Custom Field

You can set up fields for the following objects

  • CRM Contacts
  • CRM Relations
  • Security

Before you start creating fields we suggest you decide which format of field you need to use.

Type of field

  • Field Name / API - Set the name that will be used for this field. This reference will be used also for InvestGlass API calls.
  • Field Label - Set the visible name of the field. This field can be different from the field name API.
  • Value Set - Use value sets to share values across objects and custom picklist fields.
  • Input Type - Set the type of field expected ( text, date, dropdown, radio button, etc...)
  • Default Value - Enter the value that will be input each time a new record is created.
  • Help Information - Will show a round icon with explanations. This helps to understand which information is expected.
  • Page LayoutShow in CRM Tab - Set the field layout.
  • Show in CRM Category - Set the field layout.
  • Show in CRM as Mandatory - Will show a warning flag if the field is empty.
  • Searchable in Opportunity List View - Make field visible in Opportunity feature.
  • Field Level Security & AccessibilityField Security Classification
  • Field Usage - Specify field usage.
  • Compliance Categorization - Specify the field categorization such as PII CID GDPR ...

Link field to another object and field

When you wish to link a field to another reference, you can use the Lookup field. From the Value list, you can set the link dynamically to another object.

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