Consolidate portfolios
  • 11 Jan 2021
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Consolidate portfolios

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Consolidate for one client

  1. Go to the CRM page for a specific contact
  2. Go to the Consolidation page of the CRM view
  3. Click on actions and there you can export the consolidated reports in CSV or PDF formats

Click on show details to see the following

  • Details
  • Account Overview
  • Total Commission
  • Fund Fees
  • Other Fees
  • Total Fees
  • Fees/Time Ratio GBP XXX per minute
  • Total Deposit
  • Total Withdraw
  • Total Deposit since January 1st
  • Total Withdraw since January 1st

When exporting you will have options to

  • Include Portfolio Titles
  • Select chart type - pie chart or bar chart
  • Show Transactions History
  • Show Performance
  • Import a Performance History
  • Example File

Consolidate for multiple portfolios

Global consolidation is collecting portfolio information for all contacts.

  1. Go to my Account
  2. Go to company
  3. Go to Global consolidation

PDF can be created through a filter:

  • Manager
  • Contact
  • Custodian
  • Third-Party Custodian
  • Select portfolio Synchronization or visibility
  • Filter with Tags
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