This section aims to facilitate clients’ engagement and increase their conversion rate. Engagement is broken down in team members, security type or time frames through the drop down menu. Charts help the user to visualise the client’s engagement and to spot the investment trends.

1) Click on Client, select the relevant client

2) Click on Engagement, select the level of engagement (evolution) of the portfolio status towards the client

3) Click on From, select the start day of the relevant period

4) Click on To, select the end day of the relevant period

5) Click on Asset Class, select the one you are interested in

6) Click on Industry, select the industry in which the asset is issued

7) Click on Currency, select the reference currency of the asset 

8) Insert Security name or ISIN to find a specific security

Note: Logs show the historical modifications.

By clicking on the Edit button at the end of each line, the employee can edit the Call Reports. Different criteria can be modified such as Engagement, Direction, Limit Price, Target Price, actions if target price reached, Stop Loss value and Strategy.

At the bottom of the page, employees can visualise pie charts of Asset Classes, Industries and Currencies allocations.


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