Investor Portal is a feature accessible with an Advisor licence and Company account only. 

  1. Go to My Account
  2.  Go to Company 
  3. Scroll down to spot the portal logo 

From this page you can : 

  1. Change Company Contact iframe which will be visible from the client portal only. Set a title, size of iframe and iframe with a HTTPS root then click save. 
  2. InvestGlass native widgets. They can be enable / disable from here. Please note that Visibility is set to Employees group and their linked Contacts.
  3. Create new widget.

To create bespoke widget, click on action they select the widget type. 

RSS Widget - to broadcast news feeds. 

Make sure that you save first the widget before you open it again and set group visibility. 

Links Widget - to share external links and documents from your vault.


To share document from your vault, you should first go to Company Vault to load these documents. 

Then click Upload Document. 

and select a document to upload, then click on Contact Visibility - VISIBLE. 

Click save, then you can click on the option at the right where you will find a Copy Link button. 

This link should be paste into the Widget URL as you can see below. 

IFRAME Widget  - to present external website into InvestGlass app. 

Please make sure that you are using HTTPS website.

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