From Company page, select the tab called Form. Click on the button "New Form".
You can customise your own Form profiler and manage the access to this form. Watch this tutorial video to learn how to setup your first form. 

Step 1 Go to Company 

Step 2 Go to Forms and watch this Tutorial 

Step 3 Prepare your weights, layout and content

Building a form is easy if you prepare your format before !

⚠️ We strongly advise you to print your questions and prepare "points" or weights on the printed paper. Alternatively you could download this mockup and fill it with your questions, answers, weights, and format. 

Weights are a ratio calculus. If you use a range from 1 to 10.  1 is less meaningful and 10 is more meaningful. You can build it with any type of range 1 to 10, or 1 to 100...  

Step 4 Setup form type 

You can select thre types of settings : 

Show Model Portfolio Distribution which will let you select a currency, a simulation amount and show the model portfolio result. - for discretionary portfolio mandate. 

Show Form Answers - for KYC questionnaire. 

Include Signature Layout - if you want to print and sign the document.

Simply click on EDIT of one form then click on the trigger buttons to select the desired layout. 

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