InvestGlass is the most powerful sales stack for modern financial advisors : Bankers, fund sales, broker and family officer. 

Now that you discovered the key functions let's dive into the best practice. You should consider this sales cycle each time you are using InvestGlass. 

First make sure that you setup InvestGlass completely : Compliance list, tags, Strategies, Model, Client KYC and Template.  Then you have a perfectly functioning machine!

Once you are used to those functions you can start generating trade blotters or hybrid proposal ( with email sent to clients). Format can be adapted to your trading system so please contact us for this 

InvestGlass will help you save time in monitoring portfolio, spotting investment trends and report cost and revenues. 

if you are already using a portfolio management system, CRM, CMS or market feed, our team can help you map the data through API, SFTP Pull Push. Please contact us for more details  

🏆  Great - you know the basics, you are now ready to learn more about each function!

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