Welcome to InvestGlass! 

InvestGlass is the inside sales CRM-CMS of choice for financial advisors, sales and family office. It is built like modular and built with 9 main features.

To activate those features properly, we suggest you follow the following setup steps.

Step 1 - Company Page / Compliance 

Welcome to InvestGlass 👋 - all starts with Company page you can find on the top header on the right part of the landing page. 

Then we usually advise to start with the Compliance list. Compliance lists are limited securities universe. Simply click on new then add new securities to this list. A 🚫 icon will notify you that a security is not eligible for distribution.

Step 2 - Company Page / Tags

The second setup step is to create tags. Tags are used to label clients, securities and research to help you find relevancy between items. First create a tag category such as client type, marketing thematics , or risk profile. Tags are key to target the right client with the right security! 🎯

Step 3 - Company Page / Employees

From Employees page, you can setup your team groups and roles. This will give them rights, permissions, and more.  

Step 4 - Company Page / Clients

Then you can create Clients. If you already have a list of client you can use the Bulk Import function to import the list - if you have doubts please use the chat help desk on the right to ask for format details. Clients can be tag with their preferred investment thematics as well as thematics they don't want to hear about!
Thanks to the pseudonym system you can prevent using the client real name. 🤐 Each client could have a token access to if you wish to share information through the client facing portal. Please contact us for more information.  

Step 5 - Company Page / Strategies and Models

Step 6 - Template

Step 7 - Forms 

Congratulations ! 🕺👍🏻

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